What It Means To Trust ABBA Yahuah


There is a big problem in the Hebrew Roots / Torah / Messianic movement.

All the in-fighting, back biting, strife, anger and name calling that is rising up in this movement is causing a lot of people to get hurt and become disgusted with fellow believers in Messiah Yahusha.

My wife and I have been hurt. Friends of ours have been hurt. And I have read many posts on Facebook since we have returned. They all result in people not trusting others. WE CAN’T TRUST NOBODY! It puts such disdain on their relationships with other people. It takes away from their witness as believers in Messiah Yahusha.

I really thought that this was something that hasatan was conjuring up to have believers take their eyes off of ABBA Yahuah and put their eyes on their flesh and their circumstances. But I want to share this with you…..that ABBA is allowing all this to come to the surface. He is allowing the impurities in our hearts and in our lives to surface so that we can better serve Him.

Anytime that He allows fire, circumstances, things that pop up, our first reaction is ‘woe is me, look how hurt I am, I am so mad at that person’.

This is the biggest tactic to separate believers from one another so that the body of Messiah Yahusha is disheartened and discouraged. ABBA has given us all gifts for edification, exhortation and comfort, for the building up of the body. If the body is torn away from the head it does not think or move in unison.


What it Means to Trust the ABBA Yahuah

Throughout the scriptures we are exhorted again and again to trust in ABBA Yahuah. We are warned against trusting in princes, in riches, or in ourselves; for all such trust is vain. Trusting in ABBA Yahuah is represented as being safe, as blessed, and as producing very desirable results. In it is our hope, our strength, our safety, and our help.

But what does trust mean? It does not mean carelessness or indifference. Just to let things go and say, “Oh, I guess it will come out all right,” is not trusting. Just drifting heedlessly with the tide is not trust. Neglect is not trust. Trust is something positive. It is a real something, not a mere happen-so or maybe-so. It is a definite attitude of soul and mind, a realization of our own need and of ABBA Yahuah’s sufficiency. It is the reaching out and anchoring of ourselves in ABBA Yahuah.

The soul who really trusts is not driven about by every wind. The waves beat against him as they beat against the anchored ship, but they cannot dash him upon the rocks; for he who trusts in ABBA Yahuah is strong, because he has the strength of ABBA Yahuah.

Trust does not mean shutting our eyes to facts. There is no such thing as “blind faith.” Trust looks at things as they are. It sees the dangers that threaten, and assesses them at their true value. It sees the need, and does not try to disguise it. It sees the difficulties, and does not discount them. But seeing all this, it looks beyond and sees ABBA Yahuah, its all-sufficient help. It sees him greater than the needs or the dangers or the difficulties, and it does not shrink before them.

There is no fear in trust: the two are opposites. When we really fear, we are not fully trusting. When we trust, fear gives way to assurance. Fear is tormenting. How many there are who are constantly agitated by fear! They fear the devil, trials, temptations, the wind, lightning, burglars, and a thousand other things. Their days are haunted by fear of this thing or that. Their peace is marred and their hearts are troubled. For all this, trust is the cure. I do not mean to say that if you trust, nothing will ever startle you or frighten you, or that you will never feel physical fear in time of danger; but in such times trust will bring to us a consciousness that the ABBA Yahuah knows and cares, and that his helping presence is with us.









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